We designed the new @UnrealEngine Logo animation, an ambient short film, and stage graphics

for @EpicGames in #UE4 revealed at the User Group #SIGGRAPH2019 !



Founded in 2004 after contributing award-winning visuals to the Matrix films, Evil Eye Pictures produced imagery for the visual effects industry for 14 years.  From tent pole to indy, Evil Eye rode the industry twists and turns to then pivot and boldly aim for something new. Today Evil Eye collaborates with content creators, innovators and engineers exploring immersive, compelling visuals and experiences for the evolving world of multi-platform entertainment.


Evil Eye Pictures creates and supports innovative storytelling, VR, imagery and film for artists, directors, technologists & visionaries.

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“[Bolden] gives rise to some stunning visuals and transitions. Time and again, Bolden will seamlessly move between realities (for example, walking from his hospital room straight into the juke joint where he once played to a rapt audience). Or he'll interact with ethereal figures from his past who appear as either mirror reflections or as Star Wars-esque Force ghosts.”

-The Hollywood Reporter

Evil Eye Co-Founder, Dan Rosen, is the principal Visual Effects Supervisor on Bolden, a feature film biopic about the jazz great Charles ‘Buddy’ Bolden from turn of the 20th Century New Orleans. A true passion project, the film has taken over 10 years to come to life and is in theaters May 3rd, 2019. Designing and creating traditional ‘invisible’ effects as well as innovative projection tricks and real-time graphics has been Evil Eye’s key to combining old school techniques and inventing new ones along the way. The film was shot on location in New Orleans, Atlanta and Wilmington, NC to capture the locations and photography as the basis for period environments and effects. Check out the trailer!

Our latest short film project, Age of Sail, directed by Academy Award winner John Kahrs (Disney's Paperman short), is about an old sailor, Ian McShane, who is adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1900. We collaborated with Google Spotlight Stories and Boathouse Studios to build the VR experience and create animator-friendly tools. The VR experience debuted at the 2018 Venice Film Festival. We are especially proud of our work to create the 2D, theatrical version of the film for Oscar consideration. It took home an Annie for Production Design (Celine Desrumaux & Jasmin Lai), a VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Real-Time Project, and an MPSE for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing.  One of the best things about VR is to ‘shoot out’ the 2D version of a film by designing camera layout in an entire 3D world. We took that all the way to rendering and running the digital intermediate here in our theater. Age of Sail is available in theatrical on YouTube, in VR on Steam, as well as 3 DoF mobile on iOS and Android.

Working alongside Google’s engineers and producers, and directed by Academy Award winner Patrick Osborne (Disney’s Feast short), Pearl was our second Spotlight Story created for 360, immersive VR using Spotlight Stories SDK. Pearl is available on Viveport, YouTube and the Google Spotlight Stories App. The theatrical version premiered at TriBeCa and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short and took home a Creative Arts Emmy in 2017.  

Prior to Pearl, we were the first studio to produce with Google Spotlight Stories SDK. The result is On Ice, directed by Shannon Tindle, Annie award-winning creator of Kubo and the Two StringsOn Ice is available on YouTube and the Google Spotlight Stories App.


Whether giving special attention to detail for the Apple Watch or mashing up robots and projection for Audi, we are always inspired by the team and process. 


Our VFX Reel


VFX Film Reel from Evil Eye Pictures. Including work on the films The Avengers, Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor, Super 8, The Other Guys, Oz The Great and Powerful, Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away, Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance, and many more.


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